I admit that I am not a career expert or the like but with the many jobs that I have been jumping from time to time have given me a clear outlook at how the application process should work. I always say that the traditional application process have long been ditched by many job seekers as they rather browse ads online.

The internet has indeed made a revolutionary change on today’s application process, making it a lot easier and effective through online job boards like My Job Space. We will then look at how the virtual application process today can work better than the other means.

Virtual recruitment through job search engines and job boards like My Job Space is all the rage in human resources, but the buzz over apps and candidate tracking software has sometimes obscured the importance of a staple of online recruiting: the job board. It’s still important though to use job boards like My Job Space, no matter how good your dedicated recruitment website may be. Using multiple recruiting channels is a must to help a company get the best talent possible, and a job board posting is an important part of this strategy.

Recruiting efforts that ignore job boards like My Job Space are highly inefficient. Recruiters typically have 25 requisitions open at once, with three people generally interviewed to make a single hire, and that single hire sometimes requires hundreds of hours of work. This is a huge amount of work for one recruiter, which is where digital solutions come in.

HR departments across the world are embracing more and more technology, and that trend shows no sign of slowing in 2014.

Some job boards like My Job Space can help HR professionals take advantage of new kinds of recruiting tech, including the ability to send and receive formatted text resumes and use an intelligent program to rate candidates before they’re even brought in for an interview. With these tools and the convenience of job boards, recruitment efforts can focus on creating a strong employment brand and attracting top talent rather than on the minutiae of HR tasks.

Learn more tips and facts about online application and job boards as we delve deeper in today’s job seeking and recruitment processes.