Why Employers and Recruiters Still Need Job Boards

While there’s been a lot of focus on the research that shows that 94% of recruiters use social media in their recruiting efforts, one thing that’s overlooked is that tiny word: use. They don’t solely depend upon social to find new hires, nor do they forsake other methods.

A more recent study shows that job boards are still alive and present in helping find talent: job boards and staff search site still account for 18% of new hires for recruiters. That’s in addition to their online recruiting efforts (21% of hires) and social media (just 2.9% of hires). That means that the job board or staff search site isn’t dead yet.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net

Go Where the Job Applicants Are

Despite the surge in mention of social media for finding a job, 66% of job seekers are still looking on job boards and staff search site like My Job Space. Why? They’re a simple source for information on a given role. Without the job board and staff search site like My Job Space, the job seeker would have to spend a lot more time scouring specific company websites, work with many different recruiters, and desperately trying to look like a good catch on social.

Employers and recruiters, too, would spend much more time prospecting potential hires, and then limiting their short list to those actually looking for a job and qualified for the open position through staff search site as My Job Space.

The Benefits

From the hiring perspective, job boards and staff search site like My Job Space can sometimes be a better indicator of who’s actively looking for a job. If their profile is updated and there’s been recent activity, that’s a good sign that this person may be interested in a chat. On the other hand, just because a PR pro tweets something industry-related, that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily looking for a job.

Working with niche job boards like My Job Space is a fantastic way to make your position stand out, rather than have it get lost in a sea of unrelated and general job postings.

Think: A Hybrid Approach

There’s no reason you have to post your position to staff search sites the way you’ve done in the past. Recruiters take a multi-tiered approach to finding the right candidate, and you should, too.

Look beyond the big job boards and dig into where you’re more likely to find the best candidates. That might be a niche job board and staff search site like My Job Space.

Use social media to search for applicants you’re interested in and get to know them better. See if they’re sharing tips in their industry or have other professional communications that can help you gauge their experience.

The more channels you have to help you find the right candidates, the shorter the search process will be, and the better fit you’ll find for your open position.

Image courtesy of Everydayplus at freedigitalphotos.net


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