Common Duties of Secretarial Jobs

The duties linked to secretarial jobs may vary by industry or employer, but some tasks are common to many work settings. In general, secretaries perform basic clerical, organizational and office responsibilities for an organization or department. A high school diploma and computer skills are common requirements.

Secretarial jobs are very abundant and if you look through My Job Space, you might be surprised at how vast the scope of duties a secretary has to handle. Here is a quick list of the common duties of secretarial jobs:

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My Job Space secretarial jobs handle files

Secretaries often manage customer files and other records in an office. In a doctor’s office, for instance, the secretary pulls each patient’s file at the time of the appointment for the nurse or doctor. She replaces it when the appointment is over. Keeping files in alphabetical order and using a local filing system for easy storage and retrieval are keys to successful file organization.

My Job Space secretarial jobs takes charge on correspondence duties

Secretaries are the common liaison for incoming and outgoing phone and mail correspondence. They receive calls from clients, business partners, workers or community members, and either answer questions or forward the calls. They also make calls on behalf of managers to communicate information to customers, to schedule appointments or to follow up on inquiries. Taking notes from a manager, preparing a memo or letter, and screening mail are common written correspondence duties.

My Job Space secretarial jobs create and organize documents

Secretaries are often tasked with copying documents for mailings or for internal distribution. They also must fax documents from the company to clients or customers, and receive incoming faxes to pass on to the appropriate person. Some secretaries use email, Word and Excel to create spreadsheets or documents and pass them on to employees or customers. Proofreading documents before they are sent out of the office is another duty.

My Job Space secretarial jobs handle office tasks

Especially in small offices, a secretary may be asked to carry out routine clerical tasks and errands to assist others. This may include canceling or rescheduling appointments, ordering office supplies, taking notes during meetings, and getting drinks for the supervisor and guests.

My Job Space secretarial jobs work on reception

In general office positions, secretaries commonly assist new employees and visitors in finding their way around. This includes directing visitors to the people they came to meet and showing new employees where to go on their first day. In general, the secretary projects the image of the business by offering a friendly and professional reception to people who come into the office.


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