The Importance of Recruitment in Your Business

Employing the right person for your small business might be the most important part of your venture. An effective recruitment and selection process reduces turnover. These processes match up the right person with the right job skills. Interviews and background checks ensure that you employ a candidate who is reliable and carries out the objectives you planned for providing quality services and goods to your customers.

Defining Recruitment

It is important to list the skills your new hire will need to fulfill his duties. You get much better results in your recruitment process if you advertise specific criteria that are relevant to the job. Include all necessary skills, and include a list of desired skills that are not necessary but that would enhance the candidate’s chances. If you fail to do this, you might end up with a low-quality pool of candidates and wind up with limited choices to fill the open position.

Defining the role of recruitment

Job analysis
Before recruiting for a new or existing position, it is important to invest time in gathering information about the nature of the job. This means thinking not only about the content (such as the tasks) making up the job, but also the job’s purpose, the output required by the job holder and how it fits into an organisation’s structure. This analysis should form the basis of a job description and person specification/job profile.

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Job description
The job analysis leads to writing a job description. This explains the job to the candidates, and helps the recruitment process by providing a clear guide to all involved about the requirements of the job.

It can also be used to communicate expectations about performance to employees and managers to help ensure effective performance in the job.

Person specification/job profile
A person specification or job profile states the necessary and desirable criteria for selection. Increasingly such specifications are based on a set of competencies identified as necessary for the performance of the job.

Competency frameworks may be substituted for job or person specifications but these should include an indication of roles and responsibilities.

Attracting applications 
The first stage is to generate interest from candidates and there is a range of ways of doing this.

Internal methods
It is important not to forget the internal talent pool when recruiting. Providing opportunities for development and career progression increases employee engagement and retention and supports succession planning.

Employee referral schemes
Some organisations operate an employee referral scheme. These schemes usually offer an incentive to existing employees to assist in the recruitment of family or friends. But employers should not rely on schemes such as these at the expense of attracting a diverse workforce.  

External methods
There are many options available for generating interest from individuals outside the organisation. These include placing advertisements in trade press, newspapers, on commercial job boards like My Job Space and on the organisation’s website. Social networking sites are also increasingly being used as a big part of the recruitment process.

Technology is being used more and more to manage the application process; for example storing candidate details and generating responses to applications. My Job Space is an effective means of gathering applicants. Simply post an ad over My Job Space and potential applicants will come flocking to your ad. My Job Space has become one of the biggest job boards in the country today. With that said, you can be confident that the right people will come to apply for your job vacancies.

External recruitment – Hiring through job boards like My Job Space
Many organisations make use of external providers to assist with their recruitment. Widely known in the industry as recruitment agencies, external recruitment agencies offer employers a range of services – attracting candidates, managing candidate responses, screening and short-listing, or running assessment centres on the employer’s behalf. Most agencies today make use of the services of job boards like My Job Space. As already mentioned, bringing a job ad on the internet makes it so much easier to attract applicants since most job hunters today greatly rely on the updated ads brought online.

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Other ways to attract applications include building links with local colleges/universities, working with the job-centre and holding open days.


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